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Title: Sheffield speed cameras failing to cut accidents
Date: 26/08/2015

Preview: SPEED cameras have failed to cut accidents at almost half of all sites where they have been installed in South Yorkshire.

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Campaign against road pricing and congestion charging.


Why should we remove traffic lights? Because they cause congestion thats why.

This is the best argument yet to remove traffic lights and replace them with roundabouts wherever possible.

We can now embed video into the website. If you have a video which would be of interest to drivers\' and would like to show it here, please send it to us at .

The Drivers' Alliance was started in July 2008 to oppose road pricing and congestion charging; policies which were shown to be deeply unpopular in 2007 when 1.81 Million people signed an online petition against road pricing on the Downing Street website.

Whilst congestion charges and road pricing remain an issue, there are other threats to the freedom to drive a car. 'Demand management' through Workplace Parking Levy's, restricted parking provision, congestion caused by traffic light controlled junctions and a lack of road building targets drivers.

In the UK, motoring related taxes come to about £50 Billion a year but only 12% of this is spent on our roads. This is not enough to provide the capacity needed to reduce congestion and with it, emissions.

It is a political decision where this money is spent but drivers in the UK pay enough tax to have the best roads in the world. Much of the money raised from motorists is spent elsewhere and is often wasted - see HERE

We need investment in roads as well as trains and buses.

It is not fair to drive people out of their cars through higher taxation, ever more stringent enforcement of minor traffic offences, deliberately caused congestion and limiting parking provision.

Road pricing continues to be a threat and congestion charges are still being proposed in some of our cities. The reasons given for these policies is to reduce congestion; but traffic volumes have been falling for many years in urban areas and most of the congestion today is caused by changes to the roads with space being taken for bus lanes and traffic lights halting the free flow of vehicles without justification.

Don't let them tax you out of your car.
We are a small organisation and our resources are stretched. We’re fighting some big, expensive fights -- for example, supporting local campaigners, lobbying ministers and commissioning important research all cost a lot. But the cost of doing nothing is too great so we must continue.

Your donation today would help keep your freedom to drive a car.

It\'s easier to get around with a car. 

Don\'t let them tax you onto public transport.
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