About the Drivers Alliance The campaign against Road Pricing and Congestion Charging

The Drivers\' Alliance is committed to the following principles:

The Drivers\' Alliance will – challenge the excessive and unfair tax burden placed on motoring. It will further lobby for the re-direction of funds raised through fuel and vehicle taxation to improve UK roads and services.

The Drivers\' Alliance believes - freedom to travel is a fundamental human right and policies which restrict such freedom through time and distance pricing, congestion charging, penal levels of legislation for minor offences and “modal change” are flawed.

The Drivers\' Alliance believes - that enhancing road safety through driver education, well engineered roads, junctions and vehicles is of paramount importance, as is the efficiency of modern motorised transport to maximise the benefit to society with minimal impact on the environment.

The Drivers\' Alliance will - support transport improvement projects which are determined by genuinely objective means. It commits to bring to the attention of its members and the wider public proposals which appear politically driven yet may not necessarily be in road users\' best interests.

The Drivers\' Alliance will - campaign for improved roads and transport infrastructure which minimises congestion and hence cost, including the removal of unnecessary traffic lights and the overhaul of known congestion blackspots.

The Drivers\' Alliance - is a \'not-for-profit\' organisation run by volunteers and funded by subscriptions and donations from individual members. Our loyalty is to our members and we will campaign for our members on issues identified as important by our members.

The more members we have - the stronger our voice so please do not hesitate and join us today.

If you can help with the newsletter or campaigns, please contact us.