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Why join the Drivers' Alliance?

We campaign on behalf of drivers frustrated with the governments approach towards car use and driving. Since the 1990's we have seen anti-car policies including parking taxes, congestion charges, toll roads, lower speed limits, traffic lights, road narrowing, too many speed cameras, and never ending roadworks delaying our journeys.

It is not well known, but many of our towns and cities have seen a substantial fall in the number of vehicles entering at peak times yet delays are increasing and congestion is getting worse. Instead of fixing the problems, we are told we need congestion charges or workplace parking taxes to manage demand.

Transport decisions made by government at both national and local levels demonstrate a lack of proper dialogue and consultation. Decisions are often made ignoring wishes of the road user.

If you register with the Drivers' Alliance, we will represent you. We provide through the blogs and polls a system of representation for road users.

What concerns people will become apparent through these tools and we can use this information to influence decision makers. There are around 27 million licence holders in the UK but government policy has little consideration for drivers.

Drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists are getting a raw deal with many millions of pounds taken in transport taxes every year and precious little spent our roads. Together we pay around £50bn a year in tax but the budget for our roads is just under £6bn.

In Germany, there is a driver’s organisation with over 15 Million members. It is the largest in Europe and we know Germany has some of the best roads. We can do better.

Register with us and make a difference.

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